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October 3rd 2019

Reception 'Time to Read' Workshop


There was a great turn out for the ‘Time to Read’ workshop for Reception children and parents.

While the children listened to stories read by our amazing Learning Support Assistants, the teachers talked to parents about the importance of learning Nursery Rhymes.  It was also explained about how it is an important skill for children to make up their own stories using the pictures.  Thank you to all who attended.

As requested from the feedback, there is an extra slide in the Powerpoint with suggested books to share with Reception children.

Feedback from the evening included:-

“The teacher’s enthusiasm about how to teach reading shone through”.

“You gave useful information about just looking at the pictures and the need to know nursery rhymes”.

“Very informative and gave me some good ideas”.

The children were so excited to come for stories in their pyjamas”.

Please find below a link to the powerpoint used in this workshop:

Time to Read Workshop PowerPoint