Our Staff

Interim Headteacher:  Mrs E Foyle (Designated Safeguarding Lead for Child Protection)

Interim Assistant Headteacher/Special Educational Needs Coordinator:  Mrs L McGaw (Deputy Designated Person for Child Protection)

Reception Teachers:

  • Mrs S Millington (Teaching and Learning Leader, Pre-School Liasion)
  • Miss L Edwards
  • Mrs S Dear
  • Mrs S Harris

Reception Learning Support Assistants - Mrs L Thorpe, Mrs J Etchells, Mrs C Christopher, Mrs H Cosser, Mrs L Harris and Mrs C Harmsworth.

Year 1 Teachers:

  • Miss S Gauntlett (Teaching and Learning Leader)
  • Miss H Parfett
  • Mr J Cox
  • Mrs S Brady

Year 1 Learning Support Assistants - Mrs N Knight, Mrs M Biddle, Mrs C Harper, Miss J Massey, Mr D Metcalfe and Miss C Bailey.

Year 2 Teachers:

  • Mrs D Sheehan (Teaching and Learning Leader)
  • Miss M Redfern
  • Miss S Warburton

Year 2 Learning Support Assistants - Mrs L Truesdale, Mrs E Ireland, Mrs R Webb, Mrs T Hart, Mrs E Jones, Mrs H Cosser, Miss J Massey and Mr D Metcalfe.

Speech and Language (Learning Support Assistant): Mrs A Chilcott

Planning Preparation and Assessment (PPA) Staff: Mrs C Hole and Miss C Seaward

Family Support Worker: Miss A Smith (Deputy Designated Person for Child Protection)

Sports Coach:  Mr Dan Metcalfe

Lunchtime Supervisors:

  • Mrs M Biddle
  • Mrs C Christopher
  • Mrs S Collins
  • Mrs E Ireland
  • Mrs A Edney
  • Mrs J Etchells
  • Mrs C Harper
  • Mrs L Harris
  • Mrs T Hart
  • Mrs J Izard
  • Mrs E Jones
  • Ms J Lancashire
  • Mrs L Thorpe
  • Mrs R Webb

Administrative Staff:

Upon initial contact with our school, one of our administrative staff - Mrs Stone, Mrs Leyton or Mrs Budd - will be pleased to assist you.

Office Manager/Admissions Officer/Headteacher's Secretary - Mrs H Stone

School Business Manager - Mrs M Batt

Secretary - Mrs S Leyton

Administrative Assistant - Mrs J Budd

Janitor:  Mr Mike Brierley