School Tribes

Stourfield Infants has 4 school tribes, each with an associated colour. When a child joins us at Stourfield they will be assigned to a tribe.There is a tribe point system used within school and children will take part in whole school events as part of their tribes (e.g. Sports Day).

The tribes are as follows:

Green = Frome

Red = Avon

Yellow = Stour

Orange = Bourne

Tribe Colours

The tribes are all named after local rivers that either start, run through or exit into the Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole area. Once your child is assigned to a tribe it will be theirs until they leave Stourfield Infants or if they attend Stourfield Juniors, until they finish Year 6. For those unsure about their child’s Tribe – it can be found in their homework book or on the Arbor Parent Portal.