Communication between Home and School

Should you wish to talk to us about your child, please do not hesitate to do so. We will make every attempt to see you at the earliest opportunity and to help in any way possible.

On matters of urgency, please contact the school office to book an appointment with your child's class teacher. 

Consultation Evenings are held twice a year and provide opportunities to see your child’s work and discuss his/her progress. Written progress reports are sent to parents annually.

The Headteacher, given the constraints of other duties, will attempt to be readily available and if she cannot see you immediately, will do so at the earliest opportunity.

Should we have any concerns about your child, we will contact you at once. 

The Headteacher and Staff recognise that easy communication between school and home can benefit the children and, therefore, regard it to be of the utmost importance. Parents are encouraged to take part in the events of the school and are frequently invited to attend special events involving the children.