Summer Term 1 2018/2019

We started off our Summer Term with an exciting week learning all about Science.  All children participated in a range of interactive scientific investigations promoting the scientific skills of thinking, planning, predicting, observing and finding explanations.  The children also had the opportunity to observe the fascinating life cycle of the Painted Lady butterfly.  Unfortunately, they were a little ‘slow’ to come out of their chrysalis’ but the grown ups filmed it for the children to be part of.

Summer 1 Class Page 1

We have had a fantastic half term learning all about ‘Animal Homes’.  They have looked at a variety of different animal homes including, mini-beast homes and even animals that live under the sea.  We found out that some animals even carry their homes around with them like snails, turtles and hermit crabs.  We had lots of fun exploring where animals live in the pond area and at the outdoor classroom at the Junior School.  This inspired us to write about, draw and even paint the animals we have learnt about.

Summer 1 Class Page 2        Summer 1 Class Page 3

We had a busy half term in Maths, learning all about positional language, doubling and halving and number bonds.

Summer 1 Class Page 4        Summer 1 Class Page 5

Mr Metcalfe had us practising to become the next Andy Murray and Heather Watson in P.E.  The children demonstrated excellent ball tennis skills.

Summer 1 Class Page 6

We ended the half term with a brilliant Fantastic Finale.  All children, parents and staff had such fun at the Fantastic Finale this term.  First, we sang an adorable song for our grown-ups.  Then we all settled down to write fact files about mini-beasts.  Our grown-ups were really impressed by our writing.  Lastly, we challenged them with a game of who wants to be a millionaire.  We asked the grown-ups animal facts that we were learning about and sound out if they knew as much as us and could be millionaires-it was super!

Summer 1 Class Page 7

Another busy but fantastic half term!