Autumn Term 1 2019/2020

The children have had a fantastic start to their first year in Reception.  They have settled in so well and look extremely smart in their uniform.  The children had an exciting start to their school life by literally sliding into their learning!!  The term was started by getting to know new routines and friends and enjoying our newly set up Reception Base including the Conservatory and Courtyard.

Yr r autumn 1 19 20 1     Yr r autumn 1 19 20 2     Yr r autumn 1 19 20 3

The children have really enjoyed developing their fine motor skills through activities such as threading and using tweezers.  Our classrooms smelt lovely as the children practised their cutting skills, cutting up lavender and lots of lovely herbs.  The children have started learning their letter sounds and practise writing them in sand, salt and shaving foam. 

Yr r autumn 1 19 20 4        Yr r autumn 1 19 20 5

For their first Home Learning the children went for a family walk to collect items relating to Autumn.  These items were used for our maths sorting and number work learning.  It was extra exciting to find some spiders and woodlice amongst the leaves.

Yr r autumn 1 19 20 6

The children have had two exciting events this half term.  They certainly enjoyed the visit from Rocksteady where they listened to different instruments and joined in with lots of singing.  There was also our Time to Read session when the children came back to school in the evening in their pyjamas.  While the children enjoyed listening to bedtime stories the parents received information on how to support children with reading at home.

Yr r autumn 1 19 20 7        Yr r autumn 1 19 20 8

The children have loved hearing the Supertato story.  They acted out the parts and made puppets.  To finish off our Superhero topic we held a Superhero day where the children came dressed up as Superheroes and took part in a range of rescuing and creative activities such as making their own Supertato and Superhero biscuit.

The teachers are really proud of the fantastic start the children have had and how well they are following the Golden Rules.

We look forward to more exciting learning next half term.