Our Curriculum Intent

At Stourfield Infant School, we aim to develop the whole child in an inclusive, nurturing and inspiring learning environment.  We have high expectations of progress in all areas for all of our children.  We help our young children to become confident, independent and happy learners. We aim to help each child to grow academically, emotionally, physically and socially during these important foundation years of their education.

We aim to:

  • Provide a broad and balanced knowledge-rich curriculum which will equip all our children with the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding for the next stage of their education and in life.

  • Promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of all our pupils.

  • Plan a variety of meaningful and relevant learning experiences so that knowledge, skills and understanding can be applied in different contexts.

  • Provide a language-rich learning environment to develop spoken language, vocabulary and listening skills.

  • Help our children to enjoy reading and to be able to read fluently by the end of Key Stage One.

  • Allow children to learn through play and exploration.  Our curriculum gives our children opportunities for active learning experiences - both inside and outside. 

  • Give our young children an awareness of self-identity and place, starting with themselves, their families, our school, where they live both within the local area and the wider world.  Community involvement is an essential part of our curriculum as we celebrate and recognise local events.

We see our curriculum as a body of knowledge which is subject-specific as defined by us and the National Curriculum.  We plan a sequential and progressive curriculum for our children so that it will help them to know more and to remember more. 

At Stourfield Infant School we aim to teach the children essential knowledge, skills and behaviours.  Through repeated practice this knowledge is then embedded in the long term memory and then allows for deeper understanding.  This allows for rapid recall and application when faced with new learning.  When children are ‘fluent’ in knowledge, such as number bonds or 5 times tables, they can then apply them as skills.

Our Values

We want our children to make good choices and accept responsibility for what they do by using the Golden Rules and following our values of Respecting, Collaborating and Aspiring

Our values underpin everything we do:

  • We teach the children to treat others as they wish to be treated and this is the core belief around this learning behaviour. This is mirrored in the way they speak to adults and adults speak to them. We want children to believe it is acceptable to think differently.  This value includes inclusivity, equality and diversity, tolerance, being polite and having good manners. 

  • We teach the children how to work together by sharing, taking turns and helping each other.We teach them how to listen to each other and to explain their ideas and thinking. This learning behaviour focuses on helping the children to develop their social skills and their speaking and listening skills in different contexts and learning situations.They also gain an understanding of how our school is part of a community (and wider world) and how we work together to help each other.

  • We teach the children to try their best at all times.This learning behaviour and attitude is about resilience and perseverance.We teach the children that it is okay to make mistakes as that is how we learn. We encourage a curiosity about the world around them.We help the children to know their next steps and how to get better in all areas of learning through practice.We want our children to be proud of their learning and achievements.


To find out more about the curriculum in each year group, please see topic curriculum maps below.