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March 19th 2019

Year 2 End of Key Stage 1 Tests Parents Workshop

Thank you to all the parents who attended our Year 2 End of Key Stage 1 Tests Parents Workshop. This workshop follows on from our Reading, Phonics and Spelling and Maths Workshops where we have explained the curriculum and the outcomes for the end of KS1. The workshop shared how the tests are administered at Stourfield Infant School. We shared and discussed examples from the test papers and parents’ questions were answered. If you were unable to attend either of the workshops a copy of the powerpoint can be accessed below along with some other useful documents.

The feedback was very positive including the following quotes:

‘Very useful to understand what’s expected on the days of the quizzes, it gives us parents a clearer idea of where and how we can help. Very good’.

‘Very reassuring, thank you. I hadn’t appreciated that the test results weren’t the only measure of achievement at the end of KS1. It is really good to know that they are just part of the picture’.

‘Very informative – nice to see language and type of questions to reinforce at home’.

‘Really useful to see the example papers’.

‘Reassuring to know it’s in class, small groups and balanced/child friendly’.


Workshop Powerpoint and Other Useful Documents

KS1 Tests Parent Workshop 2019

Complex Speed Sounds Chart

English Spelling Chart and Guide

Spelling High Frequency Words

Common Exception Words