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    February 3rd 2021

    Procedures in Case of Snow

    We wish to advise you of the procedures, just in case we do have some snow.

    Schools only close if enough staff cannot reach work or if conditions are exceptionally bad. One school may be closed and another open, but it is not just about pupils getting to school, it is about there being enough teachers and support staff to enable the school to run safely. Some staff live miles away from school.

    These procedures will also be posted on our website.

    • Parents can listen to Heart Radio (102.3) and Wave 105 (105.2) which will announce the schools which are closed. If this happens during the school day, parents should arrange collection of their children.
    • The school will post a notice of the closure as soon as possible on our website, whether this happens first thing in the morning or during the school day.
    • If the school is to be closed all day, the school will endeavour to post notice of the closure by 7.45am.
    • The school will email parents when the school needs to close, as soon as possible. There may, however, be a delay in receiving this if the service is very busy.
    • If the school closes during the school day, staff will help with signing out children who are being collected. Staff will also telephone parents of uncollected children. Parents should ensure that the school has up to date telephone numbers.

    Following a school closure, you will know that we are open again if we are not announced on Heart Radio/Wave 105 as a closure, or there is no notice of school closure on the website.

    Be careful when checking the website. If you check at 7.00am the posting is likely to be from the day before. Our website will announce reopening at approximately 7.45am.