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    January 29th 2020

    Art Week - 'Up In The Air'

    The RECEPTION children took part in their first Let’s Go activities to prepare for Art Week.  Every child went to each classroom to try a new art technique.  The children were introduced to two famous artists, Georges Seurat and Vincent Van Gogh. The children tried out painting on tin foil to create a ‘Starry Night’ painting and found out about how colours mix and spread when they created a hot air balloon.  They also created 3D models of rockets and used collage to create an owl. 

    We asked some of the children about their art week learning:-Yr R Art Week 2020

    “I said ‘wow!’ when the colours started moving on the hot air balloon.”

    “My rocket will fly off to space - it has flames coming out of it.”

    The children are very proud of their artwork and looked forward to seeing it displayed in the hall.  We have also been very impressed with the range and high quality of the children’s home learning related to Art Week.

    In YEAR ONE, the children have thoroughly enjoyed exploring a variety of different art techniques and styles. They have learnt about different artists, such as Henri Matisse and Joseph Turner during our Art Week. The children have had the opportunity to explore four different types of media; watercolour, pastels, collage and paint.

    Yr 1 Art Week 2020Once they had experienced all four media, they chose the one which they had enjoyed the most for their final piece!

    We have also seen some fantastic Home Learning linked to the theme of ‘Up in the Air’.  We have been so impressed by the range of creative models and pictures, such as hot air balloons, planes, birds and kites to name a few!

    In YEAR TWO, the children have had lots of fun becoming artists!  They have been busy practising and learning new artistic techniques in preparation for our whole Yr 2 Art Week 2020 3school Art Exhibition.

    The children have enjoyed looking at the work of different artists, such as Clover Robin.  They have used a range of media, such as marbling inks, chalk and creating textures using acrylic paints. They have also produced some wonderful observational drawings.

     We asked some of the children about their learning in Art Week:-

    Yr 2 Art Week 2020 1 “I enjoyed drawing the features of birds and I was proud because I drew a puffin really carefully.”

     “I liked the marbling inks because I learnt how to make paint patterns.”



    Yr 2 Art Week 2020 2        Yr 2 Art Week 2020 4

     The children are extremely proud of their wonderful artistic creations.