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October 1st 2019

Year One and Two Reading Workshop

Thank you to all the parents who attended the Year One and Two ‘Reading Workshop’.  The workshop concentrated on how to help children with their reading comprehension skills.

The session started with the parents reading a short passage about ‘Quarks’ and ‘Gluons’ although they were able readers, they were unable to understand what the text was about.  This highlighted the need for children to be asked probing questions as part of their daily reading, to ensure that they understand what they are reading about.

As part of this session ideas were shared about supporting children through using picture cues as well as questioning and strategies for segmenting and blending for reading.

The feedback was very positive including the following quotes –

“Useful tips to help encourage reading.”

“Great session – nice to know how they are reading at school and what they are doing.”

“Useful reminders for Year 2.”

“Very useful. Lots of helpful tips, especially questioning what they have just read.”

Please see below a link to the powerpoint used for this workshop:

Year One and Two Reading Workshop