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March 26th 2019

RSE (Relationships and Sex Education) Workshop

We had a great turnout for our recent RSE workshop.  Parents were informed of the reasons why RSE is taught at an early age.  They were reassured to know that the focus is around relationships/friendships and ways of keeping physically and emotionally safe.  They were also assured that there is only one lesson about body parts and this is important with regards to safeguarding.  Parents will be informed via the Curriculum Newsletter (Summer 2) when the body lesson will take place.

Some of the comments received were:-

“I was concerned what the lessons would involve but now I have come to the meeting I am clearer and happy with the outcome”

“Useful to know what the children will be learning in each year, so we can support in the same way”

“Really great and reassuring information”

“I think it will be good to reinforce what is a good friend/relationship and what isn’t and that you can say no to a friend”

If you require any further information regarding RSE or the workshop please speak to your class teacher.