Year 2

Summer Term 2 2017/2018


What a fantastic educational visit Year Two had to Marwell Zoo!  We spent lots of time exploring the zoo and saw amazing animals such as giraffes, leopards, meerkats and monkeys.

Zoo            Meerkat

Every class took part in a ‘Fur, Feathers and Scales Workshop’ where we learnt about grouping types of animals based on their characteristics, as well as impressing the zoo teacher with our knowledge of animals.  We were able to handle lots of real animal artefacts, including peacock feathers, kangaroo fur and a turtle shell.  Before we left the workshop, we were able to stroke a real Python!


What a great time the Year Two children had at their Leavers’ Barbecue evening!  The children had fun dancing at the disco in the hall, joining in with activities in the playground and playing with their friends.  As the children tucked into their food some of their comments were, ‘This is the best day ever!’ and  ‘I wish this party would last for ever’.  All the staff who joined in the party were so proud of our grown-up Year Twos who behaved impeccably and were an absolute joy!  We are very grateful for the generosity and hard work of the PA who made this wonderful event possible.


Goodbye, good luck and take care Year Two. You will be missed.


Summer Term 1 2017/2018



The Year Two Choir had a very exciting morning on Friday 4th May when they took part in a multi school singing strategy festival hosted by Christchurch Junior School and attended by groups from ten other local schools.

The choir, during two short rehearsals led by a professional singing teacher at school, had been practising their own song ‘Roar!’ to sing in front of everybody and they had also learnt a short song which was sung in unison and as a round by all the participating singers.

It was an amazing morning which celebrated the potential of singing to build collaboration between schools and enrich the learning of our children – a powerful message which all teachers and children who took part have now taken back to their schools.

It was truly an awesome and inspiring experience to witness and hear so many children performing together and the atmosphere buzzed with eager excitement. Our Year Two choir demonstrated exemplary behaviour; although they were understandably nervous about performing in front of such a large audience, they listened carefully to instructions, applauded other performers and chatted sociably to children from other schools.

Miss Parfett and Mrs Brady were also nervous but very proud to be taking part in such an exciting project as the choir sang confidently and beautifully when their turn came.

Well done Year Two Choir – you are super singers!




What an exciting week of learning the Year 2 children experienced during our special Science Week!

The aims of the week were to promote excitement and inspiration through the celebration of Science and throughout the school all children participated in a range of interactive scientific investigations to promote the scientific skills of thinking, planning, predicting, observing and finding explanations.

In Year 2 the children had fun finding out how quickly ice melts, which type of ball bounces the highest and which material might make the most absorbent nappy and they investigated the types and amounts of minibeast living in the pond area. They were busy working together to set up investigations, measuring, comparing, recording and analysing their results and there was a buzz of discussion, debate and collaboration.

The children also had the opportunity to observe the hatching of our Living Eggs as eleven baby chicks struggled out of their eggshells to begin their lives. The excitement and sense of awe and wonder which all the children (and grown-ups!) felt as they witnessed how the chicks hatched and changed during the week was a truly memorable and inspiring learning experience.

All the children were super scientists demonstrating an excitement and engagement with Science and discovery which hopefully will continue to inspire them as they continue their learning journeys.


Spring Term 2 2017/2018

Thank you to everyone who was able to join us for our ‘Into the Woods’ Fantastic Finale.

This half term the children have enjoyed improving their descriptive writing through the Minpins story by Roald Dahl and perfecting their drawing skills to create their own dragon for the Art Exhibition.

During our Fantastic Finale, the children made us very proud when they sung ‘Plant a Little Seed’ with an echo refrain. The children particularly enjoyed it when their parents were invited to join in with the song and be their echo.

All the children planted a sunflower seed with their parent or carer, which they took home to grow over the Easter holidays.

We’re looking forward to seeing how tall they have grown when we come back to school after the holidays and to plant them in the front playground to welcome all visitors to our school.

Yr 2 1

During “Keeping Safe” week the Year Two children visited Streetwise for their Inspiration Day.  We became ‘Safety Detectives’ for the morning, having fun while learning how to keep safe by experiencing a range of settings and situations.  We learnt how to spot fire hazards, call the fire brigade and cross the road safely.  The children are now all experts on how to stay safe on the beach and what to do when approached by a stranger!


Spring Term 1 2017/2018



Yr 2 ChocOn Thursday 1st February, all the Year 2 children enjoyed finding out about the science of chocolate during workshops presented by Science Dome.

They found out that solid chocolate does not dissolve by immersing M&Ms in water on a plate and watched the colourful sugar layer making a rainbow colour wheel as it dissolved into the water leaving the chocolate in the middle. They also learnt that soft chocolate can be moulded into shapes, which harden when cooled. The children made their own delicious chocolate truffles to take home.

The children participated enthusiastically, wearing goggles and using magnifying glasses like true scientists, thinking carefully about what they observed and what they had found out. The workshops brought our chocolate theme to an exciting and inspirational end and gave the children lots of ideas for future chocolate themed activities!


Autumn Term 2 2017/2018


At the beginning of term, Year Two travelled back in time to 1666 and started to learn about “The Great Fire of London!”

The children found out facts about this historic event through investigating different sources and they had great fun making bread and creating their own Tudor style house.

Yr 2 1   


We also had an exciting drama day, where the children came into school dressed in clothes worn in 1666 and we acted out the key parts of the Great Fire of London.  Having immersed ourselves in 1666, the children were able to write fantastic newspaper reports about this historic event.


Autumn Term 1 2017/2018



We have been learning about Africa and the Masai tribe in Kenya.  We read the story of the "Masai and I" and compared where and how we both live.  We also read the story of "The Hunter" and thought of adjectives and adverbs to describe the animals.  We then used these to create our amazing group poems which we performed at our Fantastic Finale, as well as making an African silhouette picture with our grown-ups.   For our Inspiration Day Mrs Byles taught us African Drumming using Djembe drums.  We learnt about the importance of drumming in the African culture and ‘call and response’ drumming. We also learnt how to play rhythms by clapping out the syllables in words.

Yr 2 autumn 1 photo 1.jpg



Modern Artists

This half term Year 2 have been studying modern artists.  The children found out that Andy Warhol was a ‘pop artist’ who liked to use bright colours and repeated images in his work.  The children created their own version of his ‘cans of soup’ picture.  They looked at the work of David Hockney, who sometimes uses an app on his phone to create pictures.  The children also created their own Mickey Mouse pictures in the style of Damien Hurst and shadow pictures in the style of Banksy, a mystery street artist.  Antony Gormley was a sculptor who created crowd installations, the children used clay to recreate his sculpture.

Yr 2 autumn 1 photo 5         Yr 2 autumn 1 photo 6         Yr 2 autumn 1 photo 7