Year 2

Autumn Term 1 2018/2019

Modern Artists

This half term Year 2 have been studying modern artists.  The children found out that Andy Warhol was a ‘pop artist’ who liked to use bright colours and repeated images in his work.  The children created their own version of his ‘cans of soup’ picture.  They looked at the work of David Hockney, who sometimes uses an app on his phone to create pictures.  The children also created their own Mickey Mouse pictures in the style of Damien Hurst and shadow pictures in the style of Banksy, a mystery street artist.

Yr 2 autumn 1 1                                Yr 2 autumn 1 1


Traditional Tales

The children in Year 2 had the opportunity to immerse themselves in learning about Traditional Tales.  They read a number of traditional tales and discussed the similarities between the texts.  They discussed the features of traditional tales e.g. similar story openings, magical kingdoms and creatures, good and evil characters, repeated phrases etc.  They also created their own characters.  On Friday the children dressed up as their favourite Traditional Tale’s character and spent the afternoon retelling and acting out traditional tales.  For our Traditional Tales Fantastic Finale the children used Mighty Writer to retell the story of Hansel and Gretel.  The children and their parents/carers then created their own Gingerbread house collage.

Trad Tales 1     Trad Tales 2     Trad Tales 3


Yr 2 autumn 1 3