Please notify the school in advance, in writing, of any forthcoming medical appointments.

Medication During the School Day

We are able to administer short-term medication at 12pm each day. Often, children need, for example, antibiotics and they need a three times daily dosage. We can, as stated, administer at 12pm. Some parents prefer before school, after school and before bedtime.

Pupils who need life-saving or condition-controlling medicines will have an agreed individual plan, signed by parents.

Medicine Forms are held at the office. A copy can also be found at the bottom of this page. The completion of a Medicine form is required for all medication to be administered in school.

Please label all medication clearly with your child’s name and Class Base.

Communicating Absence due to Illness

On the first morning of absence, please telephone or call in to the office, stating your child’s name, Class Base and reason for absence.

Where an illness is expected to cause several days of absence, we like to have regular updates - please phone the School Office on 01202 424585.

On your child’s return, please confirm in writing the reason for and dates of your child’s absence.

Guidance on Childhood Ailments

A link to the NHS website is available here.

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