Year 1

Summer Term 2 2017/2018

What a busy and hot term its been!!  We have been so lucky with the weather especially on our trip to the New Forest Wildlife Park.  We had a great day seeing the deer, otters and owls and we were lucky enough to see the lynx too.

This visit was linked to our Animals topic where we learned about Carnivores, Omnivores and Herbivores.  We started this topic by investigating ‘poo’ (made by the teachers) to find out information to pass to David Attenborough.  This was a real hook for the topic and was definitely a highlight of the year for many of the children.

We had lots of fun learning about measures this term.  We learnt to measure length using non standard units, learnt about time by timing how long it took to do various activities and best of all learnt about capacity, finding out how many cups would fill various.

Year 1 were asked to sing at the Summer Fair and did a superb job.  We only had two weeks to learn three songs, but the children performed them beautifully and really added a summer feel to the fair as they sang “Happy”, “Sunshine” and “Summer Holiday”.  Thank you to Mrs Byles for helping us learn them.

We received such positive comments from parents at the open afternoon where the children were able to show the progress they had made across the year.  Comments included:

“The progress with the writing is incredible”

“I love all the artwork, the pictures show such detail”

“I can’t believe how much work they are doing, they always talk about what they have done at home”

We had an amazing sports day with no one giving up despite the heat. There was lots of collaboration and cheering for members of the team.  Well done to Robin Base, who were part of Blue team, for winning sports day.


Summer Term 1 2017/2018

What a busy half term we have had!!

We started the term with Science week where we carried out experiments such as watching coloured water ‘walk’, finding out how liquids mix together (or not!) and how milk and soap react to make wonderful patterns.  One of our favourite experiments was making a volcano using a fizzy drink and some mints!

Another memorable learning experience was having the Living Chicks in school.  Some classes actually saw a chick hatch using its egg tooth to break through the shell.  The poor chick looks so fragile, however when we visited the next day they were all up moving around the incubator and making lots of noise!  The best part was being able to hold a fluffy chick.

Yr 1 sum 1 1          Yr 1 sum 1 2          Yr 1 sum 1 3

One of the most enjoyable things was visiting the Junior School’s Outdoor classroom as part of our Plants topic.  It was wonderful to explore all the different things that were growing there such as raspberries, lettuce and herbs. We also found lots of places for wildlife to live, including the bug hotel and the pond.  The visit was made even more magical when a Robin came and landed near us as we were doing observational drawings, it really was just like a scene from the Secret Garden that we have been reading in our Literacy lessons.  As part of our plants topic, we have also been growing cress.

Yr 1 sum 1 4           Yr 1 sum 1 5

Yr 1 sum 1 6        Yr 1 sum 1 7

We have learned about Shabbat, a Jewish Festival.  We had a visitor who explained all about how Jewish people celebrate on a Friday night.  They aren’t allowed to do any work, use electrical equipment or go out – it is a time for spending time with the family.

Yr 1 sum 1 8        Yr 1 sum 1 9

We have also done lots of sport including learning tennis and have had a cricket session.  Mr Cox who is a cricket player was impressed with the Year 1’s cricket abilities.

Yr 1 sum 1 11

Yr 1 sum 1 12        Yr 1 sum 1 13

As well as all the fun activities, we have been using number lines to add and subtract numbers and have been learning how to multiply and divide.  We are very good at to recognising the different mathematical symbols and have begun to use reasoning to explain answers.

We look forward to next half term with excitement and sadness as this will be the children’s last half term in Year 1.

Spring Term 2 2017/2018

The children have enjoyed learning about toys from the past through playing with wooden soldiers, spinning tops, marbles and diablos.  They found it very amusing that the teachers didn’t have laptops, WIIs or Ipads when they were younger!!  As part of our Science work we sorted objects according to what material they were made of.  We found out that some objects area made of more than one material.

 Yr 1 1

Our Inspiration day was Gooey Science where we made slime and a bouncy ball. It was great fun getting all yucky!!

Yr 1 2     Yr 1 3

Even though it was a snowy day, it didn’t stop us celebrating World Book Day.  We saw a wide selection of costumes including Paddington Bear, Alice in Wonderland, Willy Wonker and Wizards.

Yr 1 4     Yr 1 5

Yr 1 6     Yr 1 7

BEAT has been a particular favourite ensuring we are ‘cool and confident’ when dancing and in our lessons.

Yr 1 8     Yr 1 9

The children have enjoyed lots of art this term, learning how to mix different colours  and work with different media.  They worked incredibly hard with their dragon artwork and I’m sure you will agree it was another fantastic exhibition.  Year 1 decided to focus on different aspects of a dragon: the egg, wings, eyes and tails and used a range of materials to complete the artwork.

Yr 1 10     Yr 1 11

In maths, children have been introduced to multiplication through using arrays and have had lots of practise counting in 2s 5s and 10s.  Their writing is also fantastic and they are remembering to use punctuation as well as using a wider range of suffixes eg: ___ing, ___ed, ___er.

Yr 1 12

They have also worked on blending phonemes to read real and nonsense words and are super at adding sound buttons (dots and dashes), ready for the Year 1 Phonics Screening Test next term.

Have an enjoyable and restful Easter and remember to look after any flowers or vegetables that you planted for your final Home Learning of this term.

Spring Term 1 2017/2018


Year 1 have had a fantastic half term learning Traditional Tales such as The Gingerbread Man, The Three Billy Goats Gruff and Jack and the Beanstalk.  We used Mighty Writer to help us learn theses stories and then wrote our own versions changing characters or other details in the stories – a particular favourite was changing Jack and the Beanstalk to Jack and the cactus!!  We worked extremely hard on remembering to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops in our writing.

Mighty Writer Spring 1


As part of the story writing the children learnt about suffixes (letters added to the end of a word to make a new word) and used examples of these in their writing.  For example: “Jack sprinted home”, “The giant shouted”, “He ran faster”.

We also learnt a poem called “Fairy Tale Song” which we performed at our Fantastic Finale.  We identified the rhyme and pattern in the verses and then changed some of the sentence in the poem to create a new version of the poem.

In Maths we have consolidated our learning about number bonds and fact families so that we have rapid recall of these facts.  The children were also introduced to fractions, recognising shapes and amounts that were split into two equal parts for halves or four equal parts for quarters.

We continued learning about Christian beliefs through finding out about Jesus’s friends the disciples.

We ended our topic with a Fantastic Finale building bridges for the Three Billy Goats Gruff to cross the river and tested how strong they were by investigating how many coins they would hold.

Yr 1 Spring 11                Yr 1 Spring 12

We are now excited to find out what our next topic will be after half term.

Well done Year 1 for all your hard work!


Autumn Term 2 2017


We have had great fun learning about Pirates.  On our first inspiration day we dressed as pirates and followed a map to find the treasure.  The treasure was our class toy that goes home with a different member of the class each week.  We have learned about a local Pirate, Harry Paye from Poole, who stole a silver cross from Spain – keep an eye out on the Poole Tourism website for the Harry Paye celebration day in 2018.

Pirate 1       Pirate 2       Pirates 3



The children were fantastic at using Mighty Writer to learn the story of Pirate Pete, and then wrote their own versions of this story using different endings.  Can you retell the story to your grown up using the story map?  The stories included adjectives to make our writing more interesting and we remembered to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

Mighty writer



For our second inspiration day we dressed as pirates again and had a visit from a real author, Ali Smith.  She read her 'Captain O' stories to us and we helped to act them out.  When we returned to our classrooms we found hidden golden coins!

Captain o 1         Captain o 2



Our Geography work has been learning about the capital cities of the United Kingdom and we have been lucky enough to receive a postcard or letter from each of the capital cities – thank you to all the parents/grandparents and friends who have sent us information about the capital cities.


We have really enjoyed our PE lessons with our sports coach, Mr Metcalfe.  This term the children have learnt gymnastic skills including different types of jumping and ways of balancing.

Pe 1        Pe 2        Pe 3        Pe 4



We have been very busy learning the lyrics for our Christmas nativity play….a particular favourite is ‘Bobbing up and down on a camel’, and are ready to perform our roles as shepherds, angles, kings, singers and musicians to our families.



Autumn Term 1 2017



The Senses


Yr 1 autumn 1 photo 1Year 1 have had a fantastic start to the term.  We had lots of fun finding out about our senses in our Let’s Go lessons where we tasted food, investigated different smells, listened to and played musical instruments, as well as learning to guide a blindfolded friend around the playground.  We are now looking forward to our visit from a Guide Dog.

Yr 1 autumn 1 photo 2


Our Fantastic Finale was a hive of activity as parents, grandparents and siblings made Mr Potato Heads and the children performed a poem called Sing a Song of Senses (we particularly like using our loud voices for the verse about hearing!!).




We have also been impressed with the children’s creativity with the Home Learning about Spring.  We enjoyed making a display of all the lovely work.

Our History work has been around how we have changed since we were little, thinking about things we are able to do now that we could not when we were a baby.  We were very lucky to welcome six week old Gracie into our assembly, where Miss Smith talked to us about the things Gracie needs because she is a baby.