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November 30th 2017

Reception Phonics Workshop

Thank you to all the parents who attended the Reception Phonics Workshop.

The workshop informed parents of the end of year expectations for the children.  We then discussed how phonics is taught in Reception and introduced parents to some  terminology that the children have been, and will be, learning.  For example:-  phoneme, digraph, trigraph.

We informed the parents that the children are taught using the ‘sing-a-long handwriting’ method as this supports them with writing in a cursive way.

We then took the parents through a Super Sounds lesson, just like the children have every day.  They were then able to explore some of the resources we use during “Let’s Read” and many of them found out that they already have these resources at home!

For any parents who were unable to attend the workshop, below is the powerpoint from the workshop or you can also speak to your child’s class teacher.