Summer Term 2 2017/2018

We have had a brilliant last half term in Reception. We have been busy learning all about different jobs people do in our school and the wider community. We thought about what we would like to know about Mrs Harris’ job, wrote questions and invited her to an interview!

Yr 1

We read the story ‘Farmer Duck’ by Martin Waddell and followed this up by an amazing educational visit to Honeybrook Farm to find out what a Farmer really does!

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We have had an Air Traffic Controller, Doctor and a Firefighter come and visit us and tell us all about their jobs. We have learnt so much.

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In Maths, we have been continuing to solve problems and learning to use number lines to help us count on and back to find the answers.

In P.E. the children practised a variety of different skills to get them ready for Sports Day. They demonstrated their running, kicking, throwing, aiming and balance and all performed amazingly well on the day.

We have had a fantastic year in Reception. The children have developed into confident, independent learners. We wish them all a safe and happy summer holiday!

Summer Term 1 2017/2018

We became Scientists for the first week of this half term.  We conducted different experiments and learnt how to make predictions and carry out fair tests.  The children tested which would fly further, a paper aeroplane or a card aeroplane; they predicted and found out whether ice melted quicker in salt or sugar.  They asked the question, “How do we use light to make a shadow puppet get bigger or smaller?”  The children used torches to help them find out the answer and lastly, they predicted which objects would float and which would sink.  They then had to explain their thinking.

Rec sum 1 1                        Rec sum 1 22

In Maths, they have learnt about capacity, problem solving, doubling and halving and number bonds to 10.  The children thoroughly enjoyed predicting which container held the most water!

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This half term we have been finding out all about animals and their homes.  We began by finding out what the children knew and whether they could sort the animals into the correct homes and explain why.  We then began exploring to see what animals we could find in our school grounds.  We became creative and made animals out of playdoh and animal homes out of construction materials.  Lastly, we invited our grown-ups in to see our Fantastic Finale.  We sang them a song about a worm and collaborated with them to create fact files about mini-beasts.

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In P.E. the children have been developing their tennis skills.  They have been practising throwing and catching, remembering to keep watching the ball and basic tennis skills.  They have had lots of fun playing games with a tennis ball, cones and rackets for example; ‘horse tennis’.

Rec sum 1 9

Reception have again worked extremely hard this half term and we are very proud of their achievements and are looking forward to our final half term with them.

Spring Term 2 2017/2018


Well we cannot believe that we are over half way through the school year.  We have had another fantastic and busy half term.  The children have been learning a variety of different stories including Little Red Riding Hood, Zog, Whatever Next! and the brilliant Mr Men and Little Miss.  During the half term the children have been discussing how a story is made up, retelling the stories using actions and writing their own version of Whatever Next!  The children have been really using their imaginations and creativity to create their very own Mr Men and Little Miss stories.

In Maths, they have learnt about money, time and patterns.  They thoroughly enjoyed finding out about the different coins we use and then buying items from the class toy shop!  They amazed us with their ability to tell the time using o’clock and half past.

Yr r 1     Yr r 2

The children had an amazing experience when ‘Living Eggs’ arrived.  They were so excited to observe chicks hatching in front of them and being able to hold one of them.  Following this, the children have been learning even more about Spring (despite the weather!).  They have been sharing what they might see happening during Spring.

Yr r 1     Yr r 2

In P.E. the children have been wowing us with their gymnastic moves and confidently performed forward rolls, arabesques and front and back supports.  They then put all of these moves into a sequence which they performed to each other.


We haven’t finished yet! The children then created art work to go into our whole school art exhibition based around the theme ‘Dragons’.  ThArte children created dragons using a variety of different media and then chose their favourite one to create again for the exhibition.

We ended the half term with another brilliant Fantastic Finale. The children collaborated to create a class Mr Men or Little Miss story using Mighty Writer.  They decided what was going to happen and what actions they would use to help them retell it.  They then performed them to their grown-ups and then worked with their grown-up to create their very own Mr Men and Little Miss stories which were absolutely fantastic.


Reception have worked so hard this half term and we are very proud of their achievements.


Spring Term 1 2017/2018


We are very proud of how the children in Reception continue to work hard at following the Golden Rules and school values of Collaborating, Respecting and Aspiring.

We have had another fun and fantastic half term!  Through the theme ‘Dreams and Goals’ the children have all set themselves a goal to work towards at school.  These have included being able to zip up their own coat, to write their name independently, to segment and blend key words and to write numerals to 20.

The children have had the opportunity to share how and what they celebrate at home and explore how some other cultures celebrate through the theme ‘Celebrations’.  Children looked at the Sikh and Hindu festivals of Holi and Diwali and the Jewish festival of Hanukkah, and thought about how food plays an important part in all these celebrations.

During the theme ‘Chinese New Year’, the children have made dragons, banners and have learnt about the story of how each year is named after an animal.  “Kung Hei Fat Choy” this is how to say Happy new year in Mandarin.  We also enjoyed welcoming grown ups to our Fantastic Finale!  A wonderful time making Chinese dragons, was had by all!

During Super Sounds, the children have been learning lots of new phonemes including digraphs and trigraphs.  The children are working hard to write sounds they hear in order, to write their own sentences in Let’s Read.

In Maths sessions, the children have been continuing to practise their counting skills and are learning and applying their knowledge of addition and subtraction with lots of fun resources.  They have been working hard to continue to match number to numeral using careful counting skills.

In P.E, Laura from BEAT has been teaching us Streetdance, and how to be ‘Cool and Confident’ whilst performing our moves.  Teachers have noticed that children are being ‘Cool and Confident’ when sharing their ideas in the classroom too!

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We can’t wait to start the next half term of exciting learning opportunities! 


Autumn Term 2 2017


Reception has had a busy and exciting half term! The themes running through the half term have been Nick Butterworth’s Percy the Park Keeper books and Martin Waddell’s Owl Babies. This led to a visit by The Liberty Owl Centre with their lovely owls: Bramble, Groot and Sorren. Reading, writing, maths and art activities have developed around these themes.

Yr r 4

The children’s British values shone brightly as they dressed up for Children in Need Day, contributed to the Christmas Shoe Box collection and listened respectfully to visiting speakers talk about cultures and religions that may be different from their own.

Yr r 1                           Yr r 5

In P.E, Reception have been learning about being gymnasts. They now know how to create some gymnastic shapes and move as a gymnast. They have worked on the equipment and even made up a short routine of their own.

Yr r 3

We have also spent a lot of time preparing the children for the nativity play. This is one of the highlights of their school careers and we know you will enjoy the show with us next week.

This term has been busy for many Reception parents. We have had a Home Learning workshop as well as a phonics workshop. This followed on from the children starting to do Home Learning and begin to read books on their own. I know many parents have been moved to tears and have proudly phoned relatives to tell them about the wonderful progress their children are making.

Yr r 2

The teachers are incredibly proud of the children and we wish them a good and safe rest over the holiday season. Come back ready to learn as next half term is going to be even better!



Autumn Term 1 2017


Year R Pic 1 for Autumn Term 1

We are very proud of how the children in Reception have settled in to school and it is a joy to share their excitement at being with their friends and making new discoveries.  They have quickly become able to independently organise their own belongings and make a smooth transition from coming to school to 'Let's Choose' where each child can explore and develop their own ideas through the use of resources in their own class, the conservatory, the outside area, or Buttercup Base.


We have had a very busy and fun first half term.  The children have been taught the Golden Rules and the core values of 'Respect, Collaboration and Aspiration'.  Through the theme 'All about Me' the children made a book about themselves and recognisedYear R Pic 3 for Autumn Term 1 that although there will be many similarities between themselves and others, that there will also be differences and that we treat everyone with respect.  The children looked in a mirror to help them to paint a 'paper plate' face and used wool for hair.  They also had the opportunity to find out about each other through a range of games linked to our PSED 'Jigsaw' lessons.

Year R Pic 2 for Autumn Term 1The children have practised writing their name and making marks for meaning in their 'All about Me' book.  We have also followed the Write Dance programme to help further develop a range of mark making movements.  We love scrimbling!  The children have had the opportunity to use scissors and develop fine motor skills through threading and other activities.  The children have also had the opportunity to control a computer mouse.  In PE the children have been using a range of large apparatus to practise their throwing, balancing and jumping skills.


The children are being encouraged to further develop their listening, speaking and understanding skills through all areas of the curriculum.  Through 'Picture of the Week' they are given the opportunity to build on their own ideas of what they can see to use extended sentences which incorporate descriptive vocabulary.


Pic 4 for Autumn Term 1

Through the theme 'Handa's Surprise' the children have had the opportunity to discuss story events and represent their own ideas through art work, drama, and play.  The children have also had the opportunity to think about how they might change the story by including different animals or fruits.

Pic 5 for Autumn Term 1


The children have enjoyed singing a range of number rhymes and have used practical apparatus, for example Numicon, to develop their counting skills.  They have also used the ICT Program 'Number Run' to consolidate early number recognition skills.  The children have also had experience of playing a range of games, for example Number Bingo, and using 2D shapes to create pictures.