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June 4th 2018

Road Safety

We have been so lucky recently to have had lots of visitors teach us about road safety!

AFC Bournemouth in the Community played games to teach us about traffic lights and helped us learn about safe places to cross the road.

The Bournemouth Council Road Safety Team also popped in with some amazing resources and worked with each of the year groups:-

  • Reception did some amazing dressing up in bright clothing and practised crossing the road.
  • Year One watched a DVD and learnt in more detail about the dangers of crossing the road.
  • Year Two had an assembly and were asked lots of questions. Karen and Amanda were amazed by how much the children knew!

All the children have learnt a lot and I am sure they will be making sure everyone is now crossing the road safely!

Road safety


Following recent visits about road safety (as mentioned above) as you know, the children have learnt a lot about keeping safe on the roads.

As a parent or carer, you also play a big part in helping your child to learn how to stay safe on the roads. Children will copy adults' behaviour, so if they see you taking risks they will probably take risks too. One of the best ways that you can help your child to stay safe, is to set a good example when using roads, on foot, when cycling and in the car.

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Three road safety tips:-

  1. Explain to your child why they need to stop, look and listen when crossing the road.
  2. Talk about safer places to cross and how it's harder to see, where there are parked cars, junctions, bends or at the brow of a hill.
  3. Help your child to learn the names of the different crossings, such as a zebra crossing, pelican crossing and traffic lights.