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November 1st 2017

E-Safety Parents Workshop


The SSCT (Safe Schools and Community Team) from Dorset Police gave a very helpful and informative talk to parents about keeping children safe online.

Here are a few of their very useful key messages:-

House Rules

Guide your family in the digital world in the same way you do in day-to-day life, including setting boundaries and rules for your children from a young age.  Agree within your family how and when devices can be used by adults and children.  This should include how devices will be monitored and what the sanction will be if the agreement is broken.

Talk, talk, talk

The most important thing you can do is to have regular conversations with your child about what they are using, how they work and why they enjoy them.  Try out some of the technologies your child enjoys for yourself, perhaps with their help.  It is worth investing time in exploring the games and activities they use so that you can help them.

Remember to check privacy settings and use parental controls on broadband and devices.  These can limit the times the device can be used by your child.

For further advice and information about parental controls for devices, try the UK Safer Internet Centre.