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November 3rd 2017

Great Fire of London

At the beginning of term, Year Two travelled back in time to 1666 and started to learn about “The Great Fire of London!”.  The children found out facts about this historic event through investigating different sources and they had great fun making bread and creating their own Tudor style house.

Gfol 1               Gfol 2

We also had an exciting drama day, where the children came into school dressed in clothes worn in 1666 and we acted out the key parts of the Great Fire of London.  Having immersed ourselves in 1666, the children were able to write fantastic newspaper reports about this historic event.

Gfol 5

The following week we continued with our Great Fire of London theme and researched Samuel Pepys and his famous diary, before having a go at writing our own diary for the Great Fire of London.

Gfol 4