Year 2

Spring Term 1 2019/2020

This half term we have been learning about animals and their habitats.  For our inspiration day the children dressed up as their favourite animal and we had lots of fun learning about where different animals live and why they live there.  The children also made animal masks and a bird feeder made out of seeds and lard to help the birds in our garden find food in the cold winter months.

Yr 2 Spring 1 19 20 1        Yr 2 Spring 1 19 20 2

Yr 2 Spring 1 19 20 3        Yr 2 Spring 1 19 20 4

The children have had lots of fun becoming artists!  They have been busy practising and learning new artistic techniques in preparation for our whole school Art Exhibition.

The children have enjoyed looking at the work of different artists, such as Clover Robin.  They have used a range of media, such as marbling inks, chalk and creating textures using acrylic paints.  They have also produced some wonderful observational drawings.

We asked some of the children about their learning in art week:

‘I enjoyed drawing the features of birds and I was proud because I drew a puffin really carefully’.

‘I liked the marbling inks because I learnt how to make paint patterns’.

The children are extremely proud of their wonderful artistic creations.

Yr 2 Spring 1 19 20 5        Yr 2 Spring 1 19 20 6

Yr 2 Spring 1 19 20 7        Yr 2 Spring 1 19 20 8

In RE this half term Year 2 have been finding out about Judaism.  The children have learnt about the special relationship Jewish people have with their God and the promises they make to each other.

They have also discovered the different ways that Jewish people show their commitment to God, including the celebration of Passover and keeping Kashrut (food laws).  As part of this learning Mrs Talisman told the children the Passover story and the meaning behind the Sedar plate and the special food that is eaten at this celebration.

Yr 2 Spring 1 19 20 9       Yr 2 Spring 1 19 20 10

For our Fantastic Finale the children learnt a song about food chains which they performed to their parent/carer.  The children then made paper chain food chains with their grown-ups to take home.  The children then shared with their grown-ups what they have learnt about animals this half term, including, what they need to survive, their habitats and their life cycles.

Yr 2 Spring 1 19 20 11        Yr 2 Spring 1 19 20 12

Yr 2 Spring 1 19 20 13        Yr 2 Spring 1 19 20 14

Autumn Term 2 2019/2020

At the beginning of term Year Two travelled back in time to 1666 and started to learn about the The Great Fire of London!

The children found out facts about this historic event through investigating different sources and they had great fun making bread, learning about and creating their own Tudor style house.

Yr 2 fantastic finale 2019 1        Yr 2 fantastic finale 2019 4

We also had a great drama day where the children came into school dressed in clothes worn in 1666 and we acted out the key parts of the Great Fire of London.

        Yr 2 fantastic finale 2019 2

Having immersed ourselves in 1666 the children were able to write fantastic newspaper reports of this historic event.

Yr 2 fantastic finale 2019 3

We continued with our Great Fire of London theme and researched Samuel Pepys and his famous diary, before having a go at writing our own diary for the Great Fire of London.

Autumn Term 1 2019/2020

The children had the opportunity to immerse themselves in learning about Traditional Tales. The children dressed up as their favourite Traditional Tale’s character and shared their favourite story with their class. We discussed the features of traditional tales e.g. similar story openings, magical kingdoms and creatures, good and evil characters, repeated phrases etc. The children really enjoyed creating their own characters and describing them using adjectives.

Traditional Tales 1   Traditional Tales 2

Traditional Tales 3   Traditional Tales 4

For our Traditional Tales Fantastic Finale the children impressed their parents and carers with their fantastic Hansel and Gretel story writing using Mighty Writer.

Yr 2 Autumn 1 2019 2020

The children and their parents then had a lovely time working together to create their own Gingerbread house using crayons and collage materials. It was wonderful to see everyone collaborating and working creatively.

Yr 2 Autumn 1 2019 2020 2   Yr 2 Autumn 1 2019 2020 5   Yr 2 Autumn 1 2019 2020 4   Yr 2 Autumn 1 2019 2020 3