Year 1

Spring Term 2 2018/2019

Our Turrets and Tiaras topic has kept us very busy this term.  We started off with our Whole Class shared reading about William the Conqueror.  The children were fascinated that it was a ‘real’ part or our History and they learnt some difficult vocabulary which they then used in their writing.

The children collaborated and worked respectfully with each other whilst building castles.  They ensured that they included drawbridges, turrets and ramparts.  They remembered from our History work that Motte and Bailey castles were built up high and were surrounded by a moat.

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We have focussed on story writing this half term.  The children learnt a story called Princess Smartypants who isn't like the usual princesses you read about.  Once they knew the story they wrote it creating their own names for the Princesses. The children predicted what might happen at the end of the story – those who already knew the story did an amazing job of not giving away the ending.

With the Knight and the Dragon story the children wrote their own endings. They were very creative with endings including; the dragon setting fire to his own cave, the Knight winning the battle and finding a princess to marry or the Knight being eaten by the dragon (and then stabbing the dragon once he was inside of him!)  The children felt really proud reading their stories to their grown ups in our Fantastic Finale.

Having learned about how castles have changed over time, the children then learned about how houses have changed.  They thought it was very strange that the toilet used to be outside!  We then focussed on how washing clothes has changed over time.  The children were very perceptive and realised that some things are still the same, such as using some kind of soap and using a washing line.

Year 1 really enjoyed it when Year 5 from the Juniors visited for some shared reading.  All the children were engaged with the reading and the Year 5's were really supportive of the younger children.

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The children created self portraits really focussing on the details by using mirrors. They then made themselves look like Royal Kings and Queens by adding crowns and ruffles.

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The children have loved being ‘Cool and Confident’ in our BEAT street dance lessons.  The teachers definitely saw the children’s confidence increase over the weeks.  Mrs Cosser and Mrs Harper joined in fully and certainly got their fitbit steps up by doing the Robot dance!

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It was lovely to be able to share some of their dance moves in our Fantastic Finale.  After watching the BEAT videos, the children shared the stories they had written with their grown ups and then created crowns.

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