Year 1

Spring Term 1 2018/2019

Year 1 have been very busy this half term learning more about where we live.  We started off by finding out about how lucky we are to live in Bournemouth with the beach so close to us and places such as the pier and Rock Reef to visit.

We began our topic by dressing up as a country or a word associated with a country.  We had people from all over the world including the Czech Republic, Japan, United Kingdom and Hawaii.

Yr 1 spring 1 1     Yr 1 spring 1 2     Yr 1 spring 1 3

We learned about the four countries that make up the United Kingdom, Mrs Millington taught us how to French Skip to learn the names of the countries.  We also learned about the capital cities of each of the countries. We watched some video clips about the capital cities and created fact sheets about them – did you know that Edinburgh castle was built on an old volcano?  We also used the story of the Town Mouse and the Country Mouse to find out similarities and differences between living in these types of places.  We used Venn diagrams to show our learning.

Once we had learned about the United Kingdom we then compared it to Sri Lanka, a non- European country. We read a story about Elly-Rose who visited Sri Lanka during a festival celebrating elephants and then designed elephant masks for our elephant parade.

Yr 1 spring 1 4

We received a letter from Elly Rose telling us what it was like to live in Sri Lanka, she mentioned that she might be coming on holiday to the UK and asked us where she could visit or what things she could do; we then wrote letters  back to her telling her about places such as Buckingham Palace.

One of the highlights of this half term was Art Week. Year 1 completed a Let’s Go carousel – every child tried each of the four under the sea themed activities before deciding on the one they would like to do as their final piece.  We used a range of techniques such as marbling and Pointillism, I think you’ll agree the artwork is amazing.

Yr 1 spring 1 5          Yr 1 spring 1 6

For our Fantastic Finale we had a game of Who wants to be a Millionaire.  It was a great way for the children to show what they had learned about our topic – even the parents learned some new facts about the United Kingdom.

Year 1, you have worked extremely hard this half term and this can be seen in the progress they have made with their work in all subjects.

Autumn Term 2 2018/2019

This term our Topic has been History based.  The children have really enjoyed learning about Pirates.  The children looked amazing dressed as pirates and  listened well to Captain O stories read to us by the author Ali Smith.

Yr 1 Autumn 2 1        Yr 1 Autumn 2 2

The children have completed some lovely pirate writing.  They have written fact sheets to explain the different parts of a pirate ship.  Do you know what the gun ports are for? Or the crows’ nest?  They have also found out about several famous pirates such as Blackbeard and Anne Bonny.  The children found it really exciting that there had been a local pirate called Harry Paye – keep an eye out around June time when the Harry Paye day celebrations happen in Poole.

The children are enjoying our new Maths No Problem lessons and have continued to develop new ways of showing their understanding of maths.  They are confident using the part, part whole model and enjoy making up stories to go with the pictures or number sentences.

Yr 1 Autumn 2 3    Yr 1 Autumn 2 4    Yr 1 Autumn 2 5

During Friendship Week, the children learned an acrostic poem called ‘Friends’, they made up actions to help learn the poem.  The children then wrote ‘Recipe for a Friend’ poems, thinking of ways we like our friends to behave and things we like to do with them. 

As it was 100 years since the end of the First World War, Year 1 created poppies.  These created a fantastic display in the hall.  All the children upheld our School Value of ‘Respecting’ when watching petals float from the school roof during our minute’s silence.

Yr 1 Autumn 2 6    Yr 1 Autumn 2 7

We have been busy rehearsing for our Sleepy Shepherd Christmas Nativity performances.  The singing sounds beautiful and the children with speaking parts are making sure they talk nice and loudly.  We look forward to seeing you at the performances.

Well done Year 1, your teachers are really proud of all your work this half term.

Have a lovely Christmas and we will see you in the New Year.


Autumn Term 1 2018/2019

We began our Repeat, Repeat, Repeat topic by trying to find out who had made all the mess on the floor? There were funny footprints and red feathers in the Year 1 corridor.  We later discovered that it was the Little Red Hen.  One of the highlights of this term was having The Little Red Hen visit our classrooms, asking if we would help make some bread.  The Red Hen left some instructions for us to make bread in a slow cooker.

Yr1 1                  Yr1 2

Year 1 were lucky to have a drumming workshop.  The children had to follow the beat and repeat the rhythm after the leader.  The children were introduced to a range of drums and cymbals and had great fun making lots of noise!!


The children have used Mighty Writer to help sequence stories into the beginning, middle and end sections.  They then used the pictures and actions to help write the stories.  For our Fantastic Finale the children used Mighty Writer to retell the new innovated version of the Gingerbread Man story using ‘Egg Man’ or ‘Jelly Man’ as the character.  They also sang a song called ‘Fairy Tales’.  The children then worked with their grown ups to make bridges that could be used to get the Gingerbread Man across the river.  They were only allowed to use paper and some wooden blocks.  The challenge was to see how many coins the bridge could hold – some bridges were even strong enough to hold a mobile phone!

Yr1 12           Yr 1 11

Yr1 6          Yr1 7

To finish our Science learning about materials, we had a visit from the Science Zone.  The children had great fun during their Gooey Science sessions making slime and a bouncy ball.  The children learned that some materials can be runny but when they are mixed together they can form a solid, creating a ball.

Yr1 8        Yr1 9        Yr1 10

Well done, this has been a fantastic start to Year 1 and we can already see the progress the children have made.