Year 1

Spring Term 1 2019/2020

We have had another brilliant half term.  We started off with a fantastic art exhibition with the theme ‘Up in the Air’.  The children thoroughly enjoyed exploring a variety of different art techniques and styles.  They learnt about different artists, such as Henri Matisse and Joseph Turner.

The children had the opportunity to explore four different types of media; watercolour, pastels, collage and paint.  Once they had experienced all four media they chose the one which they had enjoyed the most for their final piece! 

After all the brilliant art we moved into really focusing on our theme ‘Castles and Crowns’.  The children loved finding out about castles and especially about the different rooms and parts of a castle for example, the dungeon, portcullis, arrow loops and drawbridges.

We explored King Henry VIII and all of his wives and compared our homes now to castles in the past.

We had a brilliant fantastic finale.  The children thoroughly enjoyed performing their Princess Smartypants stories.  They have worked extremely hard on retelling the story, with actions to help them remember each part.

We enjoyed watching you all become creative and make some amazing royal crowns. The children looked fabulous in them!

Spring 1 Yr 1 19 20 1      Spring 1 Yr 1 19 20 2      Spring 1 Yr 1 19 20 3

We ended our Castles and Crowns theme with an inspired day filled with fun, food and friends!  Everyone looked absolutely fantastic.  Thank you for dressing your children up in such amazing costumes - it added to a brilliant day.

All the young Kings, Queens, Princesses, Princes and Dragons enjoyed drawing portraits, decorating biscuits, making castles and playing Medieval games.  At the end of the day we moved all the tables and had a royal banquet, where the children feasted on bread and biscuits.

Spring 1 Yr 1 19 20 4      Spring 1 Yr 1 19 20 5      Spring 1 Yr 1 19 20 6


Autumn Term 2 2019/2020

The children and staff have had a brilliant half term learning all about dinosaurs.  During the half term, the children have learnt all about different dinosaurs.  They carried out some research using secondary sources to help them locate facts to write a fact file which they all thoroughly enjoyed.  We looked at the book ‘The Land of the Dinosaurs’ in great detail, so the children fully understood how a book is created.  They did role play, designed their own dinosaur land setting and then created their very own story plan which allowed them to write amazing stories.

Autumn 2 Yr 1 2

This half term the children also learnt about Mary Anning and sequenced events in her life chronologically, they sorted dinosaurs into those which are herbivores, carnivores or omnivores and lastly, they used clay to sculpt their very own dinosaur.

Autumn 2 Yr 1 1        Autumn 2 Yr 1 3

The children ended the half term with fantastic Christmas Performances. They worked extremely hard on learning their lines and we were so proud of each one of them.

We have had a brilliant second half term and are very much looking forward to the work that lies ahead of us in the New Year.

Autumn Term 1 2019/2020

Well what a busy first half term in Year One. The children have settled into the expectations of Year One brilliantly!

This half term we have been looking at the Traditional Tales, The Little Red Hen and The Gingerbread Man. Within this theme, the children have used Mighty Writer to retell the story, written letters, sorted and written instructions, discussed characters, carried out ‘hot seating’ for the first time, designed their own character and written it into their story. The work they have produced has been fantastic and they have certainly shown how they can all follow our school values of Respecting, Collaborating and Aspiring.

In Science, we have been investigating materials. We have talked about the different types of materials and their properties. The children were then given a challenge. They needed to build a boat for the Gingerbread Man to use when crossing the river! The children have to plan their experiment, choose the material, make the boat and then test it and write up what happened. The children really showed their knowledge of materials whilst doing this.

We ended the half term with an excellent Fantastic Finale. Thank you to all of you that were able to attend. The children thoroughly enjoyed telling the grownups what they needed to do! And more so making the Playdoh Gingerbread Man. We are not sure who had more fun doing this activity the children or the grownups!