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October 11th 2018

Year One Assembly - by Members of the Cranleigh Church

We were visited by Senga, Veronica and Anna from Cranleigh Church who held an assembly in the hall for Year One to explain about the recent fire at Cranleigh Church.  Senga told the children that the congregation really enjoyed receiving the letter from our Year One children.

The children were delighted to hear that the wooden crosses had survived the fire, as this was something they had asked about in their letter. Senga talked about how supportive the community had been since the fire. All the children received a rose petal to remind them of the love and support in the community and this made them think of the lovely connection to the rose petals in “Beauty and the Beast”, which represented love.

Another question the children asked was “Can we bring in our pocket money?”

If any of the children would like to bring in their pennies, the Cranleigh Church have advised us they will put them towards buying some musical instruments, which they use during their services, as well as in Mother and Toddler groups.