A report entitled, ‘Safer children in a Digital World – A summary for children and young people’ by Dr Tanya Byron was published in March 2008.  The Government is committed to implementing the recommendations in the report in order to keep children safe in the advancing technological age in which we live.

The report outlines an assessment of the effects the internet and video gaming can have on children. The information contained in the report details those aspects of internet and video gaming that can be positive, safety risks and suggested recommendations, which are useful for schools and parents. I think the report would be helpful and interesting for all parents to read, especially as children become confident and competent ICT users in school and at home. Please click here to read it.

In school we already have safety measures in place SIS Learning Boards 2regarding the internet. The internet is controlled by the accredited filtering service from ‘South West Grid for Learning’ (SWGfL). The SWGfL deploys an enhanced version of RM SafetyNet™ Plus to filter the internet stream. This means that a decision to deliver (or not) a Web page is made for every single request. For further information about their control measures and policies please click here.

In class, when children use the internet, we use recommended search engines designed for children, for example, ‘Kids Click’ and ‘BBC Schools’. Lessons in which we use the internet are always tested before the lesson to ensure that the content is appropriate for children. All staff comply with the guidelines detailed in the E-Safety Policy, which is monitored and reviewed regularly.

At Stourfield Infant School the e-safety of children is a priority as we continue to embed Child Protection policies and we hope that following this information you will become more familiar with the strategies in keeping your children e-safe at home too.

There are many useful websites which give useful advice about e-safety in the home.  Please see below links or click here for the Useful Links section for information and guidance about online safety:




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