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May 4th 2018

Year Two Choir

The Year Two Choir had a very exciting morning on Friday 4th May when they took part in a multi school singing strategy festival.  This was hosted by Christchurch Junior School and was attended by groups from ten other local schools.

The choir had two short rehearsals at school, which were led by a professional singing teacher, to practise their own version of the Katy Perry song ‘Roar!’ which they then performed at the festival. The children also learnt a short song called ‘Let Us Sing Together’, which was sung in unison by all the participating singers.

It was an amazing morning which celebrated the potential of singing and the building of collaboration between schools, to enrich the learning of our children.  This was a powerful message which all teachers and children who took part have now taken back to their schools.

It was truly an awesome and inspiring experience to witness and hear so many children performing together as the atmosphere buzzed with eager excitement.

Our Year Two choir demonstrated exemplary behaviour, although they were understandably nervous about performing in front of such a large audience. They listened carefully to instructions, applauded other performers and chatted sociably to children from other schools. Miss Parfett and Mrs Brady were also nervous, but very proud to be taking part in such an exciting project, as the choir sang confidently and beautifully when their turn came.

Well done Year Two Choir – you are super singers!